WCHSA 2020-2021 Basketball COVID-19 Protocols

WCHSA 2020-2021 Basketball COVID-19 Protocols


The WCHSA basketball program is providing this document to ensure we have communicated up front clear expectations for the 2020-2021 season, to be in effect until further notice. WCHSA asks that participants follow facility requirements and government mandates. This season, WCHSA will honor refund requests should anyone decide that following the WCHSA Basketball COVID-19 Protocols does not meet their family’s needs.

The protocols detailed are implemented in order to establish the practices that allow us to keep our rental contracts with the facilities we use in a manner consistent with good stewardship and integrity. Based upon CDC guidelines and WI State Mandates, we also would like to provide a safe environment for everyone to decrease the risk of spreading the coronavirus so that a basketball season can occur.


Participation at the team’s first practice indicates your family’s intention to follow these procedures.


Practice gyms (Boys & Girls Club-WB, Calvary Church, Jackson Rec)

  • Anyone who is sick or showing symptoms of illness should not attend practice. Reminder that all coaches, parents, and athletes will need to sign the WCHSA Covid-19 Compliance form in order to participate

  • Face coverings are required for all members when entering and exiting each building

  • We recommend families review CDC guidelines and decide how to handle face coverings for their athlete once in the gym facility

  • Face coverings by coaches and athletes are recommended when social distancing is not possible but not required during active practice

  • Hand sanitization/cleaning is encouraged as we emphasize hygiene during sporting events

  • Athletes should bring their own gym bag of personal items, including hand sanitizer.  Athletes are required to bring their own water bottle for hydration. Please do not share water bottles, food/snacks, or individual warm up equipment. If possible, gym bags should be spread out as much as possible

  • Commonly handled equipment will be sanitized regularly

  • Head coaches will provide a first aid kit on site which contains medical equipment as well as additional Covid-19 precaution supplies. Hand sanitizer and equipment sanitizing wipes will also be provided

  • For those practicing at Calvary Church gym, there are additional requirements per our contract agreement

    • Everyone entering the building will be given a temperature check upon entry

    • Temperature check protocol will be completed with a WCHSA-provided no touch thermometer or disposable oral thermometer upon request

    • Checks will be performed by the assistant coach or an approved adult volunteer while wearing a face covering due to lack of social distancing while performing checks

    • A fever is defined as a consistent temperature of 100.4 or higher and the individual will be sent home

    • A second check can be performed after 2 minutes of inactivity to confirm final reading

    • Parents are asked to remain at the practice facility for at least 3 minutes before leaving the property in case they need to take their athlete home due to a fever

  • For those practicing at Boys and Girls Club gym, there are additional requirements per our contract agreement

    • Face coverings are required for anyone in the gym who is not actively participating in an activity. It is recommended for coaching staff to wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible. Coverings are not required when coaching staff are actively participating in physical activities with athletes


Home games (Calvary Church gym)

  • Advanced messaging to away teams and spectators will be done in a timely manner regarding Covid-19 protocols

  • At this time, only Calvary Church gym is available for home games. Each of the protocols for practices at the Calvary Church gym facility expressed above apply to home games

  • Please read and follow Covid-19 signage at entrances and throughout the building

  • Parents and spectators who are sick or showing symptoms of illness should not attend games

  • Temperature check protocol will be completed at the admissions table as people enter the building for everyone per the facility contract agreement. Face coverings for admission volunteers are required since social distancing is impossible when interacting with people entering the facility

  • Common surface areas during games will be cleaned regularly

  • The official game ball will be sanitized before, during timeouts, half time, and after the game has ended 

  • Face coverings are required upon entry and exit of the gym area

  • Amount of spectators may be limited based upon county guidelines and facility capacity requirements. Social distancing is encouraged. WCHSA is looking into livestreaming games for spectators who cannot attend in person

  • PreGame and PostGame handshakes among participants are suspended 

  • Face coverings by coaches and athletes are recommended when social distancing is not possible but not required during active play and when on the bench

  • Bench seating will be spread out as much as possible to allow for social distancing 

  • Face coverings for volunteers at the scorers table are recommended but optional 

  • The table will be sanitized before, at halftime, and after the game is ended. Seating is limited to home team scorer and clock timer in order to spread out. Hand and equipment sanitizer is provided at table 

  • Face coverings by concession volunteers are required when handling food

  • Concession’s high-contact surfaces such as equipment, utensils, and countertops will be sanitized/cleaned frequently. All food will be packaged individually. No self-service of food will be allowed as concession volunteers will provide products


Away games

  • WCHSA will communicate with families in a timely manner and to the best of our ability so that we can respect the policies of the opposing programs and facility requirements. We ask that the WCHSA community be respectful of potential policies different than those of our organization



The main goal is to keep our WCHSA family safe, healthy, and protected so that the basketball season can continue. We implement these protocols across all WCHSA basketball teams, with procedures that are transparent and easy to learn. Parents, athletes, spectators, and volunteers adhering to these protocols is the only way we can have a successful basketball season this year. If anyone cannot agree to these protocols this season, we invite you to return next year. If state mandates and facility requirements change, WCHSA Basketball COVID-19 Protocols may change accordingly as well. 



Sam Garland MSN, RN, CMSRN has been designated as WCHSA’s Covid-19 Coach to be responsible for responding to COVID-19 issues or concerns. Mr Garland is a practicing Master’s prepared Nurse for 20+ years and former nursing faculty for 15 years. If athletes or others in the WCHSA community become sick or exposed to Covid-19 that would affect anyone directly or indirectly with the team, there is a WCHSA Medical Clearance protocol and form that will need to be followed in order for the athlete to return to active participation. The form is found on the WCHSA website and Mr Garland will personally work with individuals/families to ensure your athlete is safe and healthy to return back to the team.   


*Protocols were developed based upon basketball facility contracts, WI State Mandates, 2020 WIAA Return to Winter Sports Considerations, and CDC Guidelines.

*WCHSA Board reserves the right to modify or change information as needed