WCHSA Basketball

Basketball is offered to students in 5th-12th grade.  4th graders may be considered for a 5th-6th grade team only on a “space permitting” basis.  Our regular season will run from (approximately) November 15 – February 29 for grade school teams. High School teams may begin earlier and go into the first couple weeks of March to allow for participation in the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championships. 

Current registration fees are:  Gradeschool $225.00, and Highschool $500.00

Required Equipment: A basketball, good basketball shoes, and appropriate practice attire

Practices: This will vary from year to year.  This all depends on coaches availability and facility availability.

Below is the likely practice schedule for this coming year.

5th and 6th grade boys:  Tuesday and Thursday 6:30a-8:30a

7th and 8th grade boys:  Tuesday and Thursday 5p-7pm

5th through 8th grade girls:  Tuesday and Thursday 6:30a-8:30a

High School boys:  Tuesday and Thursday 7p-9p

High School girls:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6:30a-8:30a

 Games: The schedule will be posted on TeamNet as it develops each year.

High school: We anticipate each team will play an estimated 20-30 game schedule.  Games typically are in the southeast Wisconsin or northern Illinois area.

Grade school: teams will have an estimated 12 – 20 games schedule, staying in the greater Milwaukee area. The schedule will be posted on TeamNet as it develops.

Tournaments and Travel: In addition to the standard game schedule, we plan for each team to participate in a number of area tournaments. Plus, members of the high school teams may participate in one or more tournaments that require an overnight stay.  Finally, planned participation in the varsity boys and girls team’s trip to the Nationals' basketball tournament in Springfield, Missouri is a prerequisite to being considered for team membership. We do not plan to participate in activities that would require overnight travel/hotel stays for grade school teams.

Absence from Team Activities: Players are expected to support their team throughout the season at both practices and at games. Unexcused absence will result in reduced playing time and/or suspension from the program.

Competitive Level:  Our 5th — 6th grade team will be “recreational”, with the goal of providing equal playing time for all. All other teams will be competitive in nature, and the coaches will encourage each team member to display excellence in both their character and to perform at a high physical level of skill. While not all players participating on competitive teams will receive equal playing time, a strong effort will be made to play each team member at every game.

Team Selection: Individual team assignments will be designated by the coaches after the registration deadline.  The coaches, working in harmony with the board, will make every effort to uphold organizational goals and Christian standards in these determinations.

Player Requirements — Character: Players are expected to exhibit Christian behavior and attitudes as they strive to glorify God through their witness both on and off the court.

Player Requirements — Level of Experience:

Grade school: Prior participation in organized basketball is not required or expected.

High School:  Prior participation in organized basketball is very helpful, but is not required.  Basic basketball skills are a necessity.

Parent Requirements: We expect our parents to participate in our organization by striving to act in a Christ-like manner. Additionally, our organization is made up entirely of volunteers (including our coaches). It is critical to our organization’s success that parents give of their time and talents by proactively volunteering in WCHSA planning, programs, coaching, and activities.

Number of Players: Our goal is that each team will consist of 8 to 12 players with an optimal roster of 10 participants per team.

Commitment to Spiritual and Physical Youth Protection: WCHSA will make every reasonable effort to meet each player’s spiritual and physical needs.  Some ways we hope to accomplish this are by:

  • Interviewing each coach and requiring that they express a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior
  • Requiring at least two board-approved adults at each practice session; for boys, at least one of which will be an adult man — and for girls, at least one of which will be an adult woman
  • Encouraging appropriate attitude, behavior, and actions during all practices and games
  • Discouraging spectators from attending practice times to reduce player distraction and allow players and coaches to better focus on team objectives.