Little Eagles Basketball

Little Eagles Basketball is instructional, and offered to homeschool students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Our program will run from (approximately) April 1 – mid May.

In line with the WCHSA Vision, the focus will be to glorify God and teach a love of basketball in a fun and encouraging setting. 

Depending on interest, we want to offer separate drills and instruction for each age group; 5-6 yrs, 7-8 yrs, and 9-10 yrs.  Our idea is for 3 to 6 head coaches per group and plenty of practice helpers to assist each player at their current level of interest and skill.

The program is ideal for players “U-6 to U-11”, meaning ages 5 through 10 before September 1st, 2020.  If parents feel that their child is a good fit for the Little Eagles program and their age will not allow them to register in our system, please contact so that we can create a custom registration to be reviewed by the Board.  

Current registration fee is:  $50.00

Required Equipment: Good basketball shoes, and appropriate practice attire

Below is the likely practice schedule for this coming year:

Saturdays, from 10:00a-noon, Badger Middle School in West Bend, WI

Parent Requirements: We expect our parents to participate in our organization by striving to act in a Christ-like manner. Additionally, our organization is made up entirely of volunteers (including our coaches). It is critical to our organization’s success that parents give of their time and talents by proactively volunteering in WCHSA planning, programs, coaching, and activities.

Commitment to Spiritual and Physical Youth Protection: WCHSA will make every reasonable effort to meet each player’s spiritual and physical needs.  Some ways we hope to accomplish this are by:

  • Interviewing each coach and requiring that they express a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior
  • Requiring at least two board-approved adults at each practice session; for boys, at least one of which will be an adult man — and for girls, at least one of which will be an adult woman
  • Encouraging appropriate attitude, behavior, and actions during all practices and games
  • Discouraging spectators from attending practice times to reduce player distraction and allow players and coaches to better focus on team objectives.

Practice Helpers:  Head coaches will be contacting Royal Eagles players, former players, and siblings to assist with 1- demonstrating drills and skills 2- reinforcing appropriate behaviors 3- setup and takedown at the gym.  This is a SERVICE opportunity for these young adults, and can provide great experiences for our future endeavors.  If you have not already notified WCHSA of your interest in helping with practices, please contact