Track is offered to students in 5th-12th grade   Our regular season will run from mid March through May for high school and April through early June for grade school. 

Required Equipment: Each participant will be required to bring their own (event appropriate) footwear and practice attire.

Practices: Teams will usually practice 2-3 days each week and will refrain from holding practice on meet days.  Practices are held at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School.

Meets:– We anticipate each team will run an estimated 6-10 meets located in the greater Milwaukee / S.E. Wisconsin area.  The schedule will be posted on our website as it develops at TBD

Travel: We do not plan to participate in activities that would require overnight travel/hotel stays.

Absence from Team Activities: Runners are expected to support their team throughout the season at both practices and at meets. Unexcused absence will result in restricted participation at meets.

Competitive Level: Track is competitive in nature, and the coaches will encourage each participant to display excellence in both their character and level of physical effort.

Runner Requirements: 

Character: Runners are expected to exhibit Christian behavior and attitudes as they strive to glorify Christ on the field, through their witness at meets and practices, and off the field in their daily life.

Number of Runners: A minimum of 5 grade school and 5 high school participants are required for each team’s viability. There is no maximum limit to the number of participants on either team.

Parent Requirements: We expect our parents to participate in our organization by striving to act in a Christ-like manner. Additionally, our organization is made up entirely of volunteers (including our coaches). It is critical to our organization’s success that parents give of their time and talents by proactively volunteering in WCHSA planning, programs, coaching, and activities.

Commitment to Spiritual and Physical Youth Protection: WCHSA will make every reasonable effort to meet each player’s spiritual and physical needs.  Some of the ways we hope to accomplish this are by:

  • Interviewing each coach and requiring that they express a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior
  • Requiring at least two board-approved adults at each practice session; for boys, at least one of which will be an adult man – and for girls, at least one of which will be an adult woman
  • Encouraging appropriate attitude, behavior, and actions during all practices and games
  • Discouraging spectators from attending practice times to reduce player distraction and allow players and coaches to better focus on team objectives