WCHSA Cross Country

Cross Country is offered to students in 4th-12th grade.  Our season will run from August – October.

Current registration fee:  $100.00

Required Equipment: Each Participant will be required to bring their own water bottle, and wear appropriate clothing to practice, running shorts and shoes.  For meets black undershirt, and compression shorts for under your uniform if wanted, but black is the required color.  Black running shorts (an inseam of 3 to 5 inches), running shoe with good trend/traction to run on grass, it can get slippery.  High school runners are required to use spikes.

Practices: Team practice is on Mondays and Wednesdays of each week from 1pm to 3pm.  These practices are held at a number of locations in Washington County.  The Cross Country TeamNet calendar will have the complete list of practices and the locations.  Unexcused absences on the high school team from practice will bump you to running JV.

Meets:  They are at locations in Washington, Sheboygan, Ozaukee, and Dodge counties.  The meet schedule will be posted on the cross country TeamNet calendar.   You will be required to arrive 1 hour before the meet is to begin, this allows the team the opportunity to walk the crouse with Coach Miller and get needed coaching in preparation for the run.  Unexcused absences are not acceptable.

Travel:  You are responsible to get to and arrive at the meet on time.  Make arrangements with other families if need be to get there, many are happy to help.  If something, such as illness comes up, please inform Coach Miller as soon as you can. 

Competitive Level: Cross Country is a team sport, but as an individual your personal performance does affect the overall team placement.

Team Member Requirements: Players are expected to exhibit Christian behavior and attitude as they strive to glorify God through their witness both on and off the course, displaying a willingness to learn and improve.

Parent Requirements: We expect our parents to participate in our organization by striving to act in a Christ-like manner. WCHSA depends on volunteers, we will need help this year in a number of areas.

Practices: Please remember that Coach Miller needs to have the kids/team member's full attention the entire practice.  Let's help to keep distractions to a minim during practice time. She needs the kids to come to her, so she can help them use their God given gifts to the fullest.  Please redirect your child/children back to her for any questions regarding their time with cross country.

Meets: This year our home meet will be on October 14th. All cross country parents grade school and high school are required to help at this meet, as are the high school cross country runners.  More information on that to follow!  We are also in need to timers at all the meets, both for grade school and high school. 

Commitment to Spiritual and Physical Youth Protection: WCHSA will make every reasonable effort to meet each player’s spiritual and physical needs.  Some ways we hope to accomplish this are by:

  • Interviewing each coach and requiring that they express a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior
  • Requiring at least two board-approved adults at each practice session; for boys, at least one of which will be an adult man — and for girls, at least one of which will be an adult woman
  • Encouraging appropriate attitude, behavior, and actions during all practices and games
  • Discouraging spectators from attending practice times to reduce player distraction and allow players and coaches to better focus on team objectives.