Conflict Resolution Policy

WCHSA Conflict Resolution Policy


WCHSA’s goal in resolving conflict is to encourage coaches, players, and parents to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner, train one other in righteousness, and maintaining harmonious relationships. Believing that the proper conduct of athletes is primarily the responsibility of parents, the board is committed to supporting parents in fostering these behaviors in our players, through our coaches, board, and other organizational leaders.


In the spirit of Mathew 18, when conflict arises between players, coaches, or parents, we encourage the parties to face the each other privately and directly, attempting to discuss and resolve the issues between themselves.   For conflicts regarding the management of a particular team, the coaching staff should be the primary arbiter of disputes. Beyond this, either party may appeal to the WCHSA board for resolution.

Participation in WCHSA sports is a privilege, not a right. Each participant has the responsibility to act in accordance with our established policies and rules. Coaches, players, or parents whose conduct or attitude demonstrates them to be in opposition to the principles and values of WCHSA may be disciplined by the board up to and including removal from the sports program.


As a guideline, the following behavior will merit disciplinary action:

·         Disrespect shown to any coach, parent, participant, or official

·         Dishonesty of any type, including lying, cheating, or stealing

·         Rebellion against parental or organizational leadership

·         Fighting: including aggressively confronting an official, coach, or opponent

·         Obscene or profane language


Steps taken against the offending party may include:

·         A verbal warning

·         Withdrawal from the practice, activity, or event

·         Disallowing program participation for a specific period of time (requires board action)

·         Removal from the program (requires board action)


Disrespect toward Coaches and Officials: Any individual addressing a coach or official in an unsportsmanlike, unchristian, or discourteous manner may be immediately ejected from the game, practice, or event.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Any coach, player, or parent ejected from a game, receiving a technical foul (or comparable penalty) must meet with the athletic director and may also be required to meet with the WCHSA board to discuss the violation prior to being allowed further participation in the sports program.