Player Eligibility

WCHSA Player Eligibility


Core Student-Athletes

·         Residency: Our purpose is to build deep, meaningful, eternal, relationships with others, serving one another in love in season and out of season. Because we believe that this is best accomplished within a local community, our programs will favor student-athletes residing in greater Washington County.  

·         Homeschooling: A primary reason we exist is to provide families who have made a decision to homeschool their children a means of growing their children in Christian maturity through organized sports. Our programs will favor student-athletes who are homeschooled.

o    Homeschooling – defined

§ Grade School: Athletes must be educated at home, by a parent, guardian, or other family member and have submitted a DPI form to the state of Wisconsin for the school year in session.

§ High School: Athletes must be full time students taking a minimum of 3 homeschool courses (taught by a parent, guardian, or other family member) in each semester of athletic participation. Athletes may attend other public or private schools, but must receive at least 51% of their education from homeschooling.

§ Public and Private School Students: Public and private school students (including virtual public school students) are not considered homeschooled except as described, above. However, if a corresponding athletic program is not supported by the student’s public or private school, WCHSA will consider providing access to our programs on an individual and team-by-team basis, depending on the availability of open roster positions.

·         Code of Conduct: We exist to promote Christian values and to reflect the glory of Christ in all that we do, therefore, our eligibility policy requires adherence the principles found in the WCHSA By-Laws and Code of Conduct.

·         Academics: Because we consider access to our programs a privilege to be earned and not a right; and because Christ deserves our best efforts in the training of our minds as well as our bodies, we require our athletes to display excellence in their formal education. In addition to demonstrating dedication to schoolwork and exhibiting consistent obedience to parental instruction in the home, student-athletes are required to complete schoolwork on time and with a high degree of quality and accuracy. For high school students, this also means maintaining a minimum 2.0 grade point average in courses that would normally be included as part of a typical high school transcript.  High School student-athletes with a failing grade in any course will not be allowed to participate in our sports programs until the grade and grade point average improves to a level that meets parental and organizational requirements.

·         Age/Grade Level: Age limitations for teams are contained in our organizational By-Laws.

·         High School Age and Eligibility: High school athletes must have passed the 8th grade and are allowed no more than four years of sports eligibility (the period of athletic eligibility is a maximum of 8 consecutive semesters over a 4 year period). “5th year” seniors are not eligible for athletic participation. Students are ineligible if they reach their 19th birthday before September 1 of any given school year.    Finally, students that have participated in a high school graduation ceremony are ineligible to participate in WCHSA sports programs.

“Non-Core” Student-Athletes

·         Non-Core Student-Athletes include students from the following groups:

o    Students that reside outside of the WCHSA residency boundaries

o    Students that do not meet the WCHSA definition of “homeschooling”

·         Availability Based on Team Size: Teams that have a registered number of core-athletes that is below the board-defined optimum roster level will be allowed to include non-core student athletes. Teams that are at or above this level will be closed to non-core athletes. The number of available roster positions for non-core athletes will be no more than the quantity required to bring the team up to the optimal level with a team maximum of no more than 25% non-core students. Optimum roster levels for all teams will be set annually by the WCHSA board.

·         Participation Privileges: Approved non-core athletes will be granted full participation privileges for the duration of the sports season provided they meet all other eligibility requirements. However, they are not eligible for organizational scholarships or other special financial assistance.

·         Board Approval: All non-core student-athletes must be approved on an individual basis by the WCHSA board for participation on a season-by-season and sport-by-sport basis. In the event that a student is permitted to play 2 consecutive seasons with WCHSA in the same sport, WCHSA will make a reasonable effort to allow the athlete to play a third and all following consecutive seasons in that sport (provided that all other eligibility requirements are met).

Transfer Policy

·         Transfer Requirements: Student athletes that transfer from public or private schools, homeschool or other sports teams, will be considered participation rights based on the following:

o    Classification: the student will be designated as core or non-core as noted (above).

o    Additional Eligibility Requirements

§ Inter-Team Transfer: If an inter-team transfer is requested, the student-athlete must provide a letter of recommendation from the transferring organization indicating the reason for the transfer and releasing them from their organizational play.

§ In-Season Transfers: Subsequent to the start of the sports season, the student will be eligible for participation only if the team roster is below the optimum participant level

o    Expelled Students: Acceptance of students expelled by other schools or athletic programs will require board approval and may be subject to additional considerations/restrictions.

o    Board Approval: All inter-team and in-season transfers require board approval

Team Selection

·         Selection Criteria – Grade School: The goal of WCHSA is to accommodate as many core student-athletes as possible into our organization and the various sports teams we sponsor. Unfortunately, internal and external limitations may restrict our ability to accept all applicants that wish to participate in our programs. In the event the number of “core” player applications exceed the maximum number of participants allowed for any WCHSA team or sport, the following criteria will be used to select team members

o    First Criteria: Players that have participated in the sport with WCHSA the greatest number of consecutive years will be selected

o    Second Criteria: Players that have one or more family members playing in the same sport and season will be selected

o    Third Criteria: If required, the board will decide any final criteria needed to select players for a specific team

·         Selection Criteria – High School: In the event the number of “core” player applications exceed the maximum number of participants allowed for any given high school team, the following criteria will be used to select team members:

o    The board of directors will determine and communicate the team goals, direction, and competitive classification to the coaches, parents, and applicants prior to player selection.

o    Player selection shall be performed by the varsity coaching staff using a criteria and methodology approved by the board of directors.

o    The coach will confirm with the athletic director and the board that the agreed upon selection criteria and methodology was followed prior to confirming the decision with the applicants and their families.