Ultimate Frisbee Team

After completeing registration for WCHSA, which is $25, all players are expected to sign up for the Milwaukee Ultimate Club Youth Spring League, to be part of the Milwaukee Club you are required be a member of the USA Ultimate Youth Membership. 

When the team has been confrimed for the upcoming season you will need to then register your child with the Milwaukee Ultimate Club and the USA Ultimate Youth indvidually.  Further information will be emailed to you to help you do that, when the time comes.  Neither of these dues/fees are refundable, that is why we ask you to wait.

Payment and waiver need be signed for Milwaukee Ultimate Club and the USA Ultimate Youth prior to play within the league. All of our games are played through this league, it is the only league that offers high school level play in Milwaukee.


Games are held SATURDAYS, APRIL 4 - MAY 16, 2020

3:00 - 4:30 PM


The league is Co-Ed, 8th - 12th grade

Practices normally start early in April, and have been held on Thursday nights, from 4-6 PM in Jackson, in the past.