About Washington County Homeschool Athletics

WCHSA is a Christian organization providing home-schooled young people with the opportunity to participate in organized competitive sports and to use the experience to build Godly character, create friendships, instill dedication and commitment to personal and team goals, foster spiritual growth, and above all to honor Jesus Christ as a Godly witness.

Our sports teams are assembled based on the interest level of homeschooling families in the Washington County area, and the availability of local games and resources.  We typically offer the following sports teams each year:

  • Basketball:  Boys and Girls, grades 5 through high school
  • Cross-Country:  Boys and Girls, grades 4 through high school
  • Track:  Boys and Girls, grades 4 through high school
  • Volleyball:  Girls, grades 5 through high school
  • Ultimate Frisbee:  Co-ed, ages 13 through high school

 It is our aim to display the Glory of God through organized sports by:

  • Honoring and glorifying God with our minds and bodies, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Work
  • Supporting families in their efforts to raise godly children, teach Christian principles, and encourage Godly character
  • Supporting the body of Christ in the tasks of discipleship and communicating the gospel
  • Deepening our interpersonal relationships as we prepare for a life of Christian ministry
  • Experiencing the transforming power of the Gospel by knowing the beauty of Christ and seeing his glory made visible to others
  • Faithfully serving Christ with our gifts and abilities
  • Displaying the infinite value of Christ to others through our work, play, competition, and in everyday life